Who is PRIORI ?

PRIORI is a Malagasy organization in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. Founder and manager of PRIORI is Franz Stadelmann, a former Swiss aid official and social anthropologist. PRIORI exists since 1994.
The offices of PRIORI are in the middle of the city Antananarivo near the railway station. In order to use the existing infrastructure optimally to capacity, and get as many people as possible a work place, PRIORI does also project-management in different areas. Moreover, PRIORI is a focal point for people, who would like to start a business in Madagascar. Apart form the permanent staff, over two dozen persons work temporarily for PRIORI.

Traveling with PRIORI

PRIORI wants to show all possible aspects of Madagascar to the visitors. Because Madagascar is an island with very many and quite different life-areas. PRIORI wants to open doors for the travelers, would like to manage contacts to colleagues of your profession and would like to get you into conversations with the population. We promote 'ecotourisme': trips, which care about ecology and the human nature. We would like that the visitors and the visited get something out of it. As a result in the course of the past years many contacts between travelers and traveled have been created and continue still up to today. Of course, we attach also a high value to reliability and a good preparation of your trip. Since we are permanently on the site, we know exactly the atmosphere of Madagascar and are able to react quickly to unforeseen events as well as we can arrange special-wishes.

The trips are entirely conceived in the country. The net value added remains in Madagascar.

The PRIORI-team would like to show you the sunbathed palms, but the shadows under them as well.

Project management

PRIORI organizes also seminars and workshops for international organizations in Madagascar, produces studies and assessments for projects within the development-cooperation. Through these activities, PRIORI gathers motivated co-workers and co-workers, who want to contribute to the development of the country.

Do you wish to start an activity in Madagascar? We could support you realizing your intention. Ask us without obligation and let's talk about your dreams. We like to help you.

Culture projects

PRIORI realizes also cultural projects. With the Madagascan musician Benja Gasy, a cassette with his music was produced. Benja Gasy developed an own instrument - the Benga - and produces own songs. 1996, the film "hands and wood" was produced in a Madagascan, French and German version. The whole production including the cutting of this film of 30 minutes was executed in Madagascar. 1997, the film "Under the southern cross" was produced, a documentary about the traditional sailing boats on the west coast of Madagascar. 1998, PRIORI produced a film for the Swiss relief organization MIVA. This documentary shows the big transportation-problems in the deep south of Madagascar.

PRIORI supports and promotes Madagascan handicraft. Together with a local craftsperson, small decorative bicycles are built from waste-materials while a Nonprofit-Organization builds pretty wooden boxes. The approximately hand-big bicycle packs in the case, yields a beautiful gift and is 100% "vita gasy " (hand-made in Madagascar).

News about Madagascar

Find here background news about Madagascar. Visit also our extensive homepage translated by Google: PRIORI site in English

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