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We at PRIORI have the pleasure to make you discover Madagascar. We suggest trips and excursions throughout the island. Madagascar is waiting for you.
We apologize that our site is not yet available in English. Please read our German language site translated by google.com:

For further information you are kindly invited to visit as well our site in German, French or Dutch language.
However, we are at your disposal for information and travel suggestions. We live in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar - but we are just an e-mail away. Please contact us. We speak English with some Malagasy and Swiss-German touch.
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How to find our offices in Antananarivo

PRIORI is a Malagasy company in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. The company is directed by the Swiss anthropologist Franz Stadelmann, a former aid-worker having lived in Madagascar since 1988. With his team of Malagasy collaborators he organizes seminars and workshops, evaluations and feasibility studies for aid agencies. And trips and travels throughout the country: individual trips, study-trips, thematic travels and adventurous trips like river-rafting, trekking, biking and jungle-hiking in the Masoala Rain Forest.

Madagascar has got a lot of sun - but also a lot of shadows. PRIORI would like you to discover all aspects of this big country. With its wide network of contacts and its experience, the PRIORI-team will open up a country for you which is actually a real continent of its own.

PRIORI knows the magic of this island, knows the splendid places and the hidden beauties of flora and fauna. And knows the secrets of its culture and history.

PRIORI is the 'Swiss knife' to Madagascar: reliable, competent, fast and easy. 
And we are on site in Antananarivo: so we know the situation here..

Please contact us for further information. We speak English.

PRIORI, BP 273 Antananarivo, Madagascar

phone: 0026120.22.62527
fax: 0026120.22.35354
mail: priori@moov.mg

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